Micro Loans

We are pleased to announce that Space Bear is working with Kiva, the global leader in providing interest free micro loans to people that don't have access to traditional financing options. One of the most interesting aspects of micro loans is that they are not conventional donations, but rather an investment in hardworking and ambitious small business owners that seek to improve their quality of life in some of the most impoverished regions of the world. Rather than simply provide donations, these micro loans are repaid with no interest, allowing us to be help create a sustainable and perpetual cycle of reinvesting in people’s livelihoods. Here is information on the people Space Bear has invested in for our first round of micro loans totaling $2500.

For more information on micro loans visit www.kiva.org


IndriIndri's Story - Mrs. Indri is the mother of one child and lives in Tumpang, Malang Regency on Java, Indonesia's largest Island in terms of population. In Indonesia, you cannot drink from the tap and most people don't even have a tap. Unsurprisingly, most Indonesians boil the water before they drink it. Some people also buy water from refill stations, which is not always safe. At a community gathering, where the outreach team from Nazava was invited, Mrs. Indri learnt about an easier and better way of getting safe drinking water. Nazava Water Filters filter well, rain, and city water so it becomes safe to drink without boiling and without using fuel or electricity. Mrs. Indri who is also a health worker took the opportunity and became a reseller of Nazava water filters in her community. This is the third time Mrs. Indri applied for a loan. She has an excellent record of repaying her loans.This loan will allow her to buy 210 filters and sell them on consignment to her community, making safe drinking water available to 1,050 people.


AphongAphong’s Story - Aphong is in his mid-30's and has an organic chicken farm in his native northern Thailand. He is a member of the Akha tribe in Chiang Rai, Thailand, one of several different ethnic groups who make their homes across the mountain ranges of southern China, Laos, Burma, Vietnam, and Thailand. For his entire life, he has grown beans on family land in the mountains near his home. Because prices of his farm goods go up and down, his income is unpredictable, and is rarely enough to support his family. He has 700 egg laying hens to raise on farmland. Selling the eggs he gets every day can potentially triple the income he makes currently and give him much more stability to support his family.



AyedAyed's Story - Ayed is 31 years old from Bethlehem City in West Bank. He is a single man living with his parents and he is trying so hard to provide them with all the things they need. He is a talented young man in graphic arts and his dream is that his work would spread globally and he would become a famous artist. He is taking a US dollar loan from Palestine for Credit and Development (FATEN) to open an exhibition to show his artistic paintings and enable people to visit the exhibition and see his paintings.




EmmaEmma's Story - 
Emma is a 41-year-old mother with 6 children. She runs a small business selling tuna sandwiches on toast in her community to earn a living. Emma requested a loan to buy bread, tomato sauce, boxes of canned tuna, plastic bags, containers, butter and mayonnaise to assist with the business. She will expand her business using her profits.





YonatanYonatan's Story - Yonatan is a 25 year old man who is a hardworking and enterprising person. He makes a living producing and selling fried foods such as chorizos (sausages), empanadas, and papas rellenas (stuffed potatoes), as well as other products. Yonatan is separated and has a three year old son. His dream is to purchase a home and to pay for his child's education. Looking to increase his profits, Yonathan has applied for a loan to purchase a fast food cart, fryer, and products such as meat, disposable items, sodas, etc.



YolandaYolanda's Story - Yolanda, 44 years old, is an entrepreneur from the city of Bogotá. She is a single mother of 9 year old twins. She has managed to get ahead though the sale of aromatic herbs and aloe vera. This is traditional work in her family and her knowledge in the field motivated her to open her sales stand in 1990. Her facility is located in a city supply center in the capital and there she is very well known and referenced. She handles different types of medicinal plants: chamomile flowers, marigolds, peppermint, lemon balm, mint, cinnamon, and lemon grass among others. In order to include new species she is applying for her first Kiva loan through Fundación Mario Santo Domingo to invest in the purchase of medicinal herbs. Her future goal is to buy the business premise where she works and leave an inheritance of a stable business to her children.



Juan's Story - Juan is 27 years old and lives in El Salvador. He is married, and his partner helps him with the agricultural work. They have a three-year-old daughter. Juan has worked in agriculture since he was a boy. The land that he cultivates is five minutes from his house going on foot. He feels that it is necessary to do the work smiling at life and with a positive attitude so that everything turns out well.