Team Space Bear - Surf

Name - Flynn Novak

 Age - 33

 Hometown - Mokuleia, HI

 Current Residence - Mokuleia, HI

 Years Surfing - 30

 Years Sponsored - 15+

 Sponsors - Under Armour | Matuse Wetsuits | Peppers eyewear | Surf More Products | Future Fins | Pupukea Grill | Space Bear

 Favorite Wave Type - anything and everything, from small and rippable to big and hollow, as long as I am in the Ocean I am happy.

 Stance - Goofy

 Music - all types depending on mood

 My Boarding Story -

 I was born and raised on the North shore of Oahu, and grew up learning to love and respect nature.  I have always had a passion for Surfing and the Ocean. 

 I have been fortunate enough, that my passion for surfing, has liquidated into a career that has paid me.  I have had the opportunity to travel the world to surf and experience nature in many places.  I have had success and victories in professional surfing competitions locally as well as world wide.  I have been featured on an assortment of magazine covers, as well as in an assortment of editorial spreads over the span of my career.

 In the surfing world I am known as a ‘Pipeline Specialist’, for my time spent, and performances, surfing  the statistical ‘deadliest wave in the world’, but on the other spectrum of wave riding, I have achievements in the ‘High-Performance’ aerial surfing realm, namely inventing and perfecting my own maneuver, which happens to be surfing’s first ever aerial backflip, known as the “Flynnstone Flip”. This maneuver took me over 8 years to figure out, complete, and perfect, and now is regarded as one of Surfing’s ‘most difficult maneuvers’, having only a handful of other surfers to follow suit and complete it.

 I continue to live on the North Shore of Oahu and surf regularly, although I have discontinued competing, and surf more for fun and the love of the sport.