Team Space Bear - Skate


Name – Devin Morrison

Age – 33

Hometown – Fonthill, ON

Current residence - Calgary, AB

Years Riding – 20

Years Sponsored - 14

Sponsors – The Source | Space Bear

Favorite Terrain –manual pads and mini ramps, love skating ledges

Stance – Regular

Music - Classic Rock, Hip Hop, a little bit of Indie

My Boarding Story – When I was 12 years I watched my cousin skateboard and was completely memorized. Shortly after that I traded a bow and arrow for my first board with a neighbor and was immediately hooked. I was fortunate enough to be taken in by some of the older local rippers and there was no turning back. My first sponsor was a local skate shop called Cyril, which was owned by a guy named Mike Todd. Mike always looked after me and helped me out with boards or whatever I needed.

The day I graduated high school I flew to Calgary, AB. on a one-way ticket. At the time, Shaw Millennium Park was the biggest outdoor park in North America so Calgary was an obvious choice. Shortly after moving I was asked to ride for The Source Skate shop and that’s when things really started to happen. This is when I really started to get into filming and shooting photos and had my first published photo in a skate magazine.

With the help of The Source I got hooked up with Circa shoes who took me on a couple of trips and I knew this was what I wanted to do. I continued to shoot photos and film pretty much everyday working with local photographer and filmmaker Rob Thorpe. Rob was responsible for several skate videos all of which I had full parts in.  

After a trip to Barcelona I ended up getting sponsored by Supra Distribution which in turn put me DVS shoes, Royal Trucks, Matix clothing and flowed me boards from Chocolate Skateboards. During this time I skated and traveled like crazy through North America and back to Barcelona on several occasions. These were by far some of the best days of my life and really opened my eyes to the skateboard industry as well how incredible the worlds community of skaters can be by taking you in from city to city.

I hit the jackpot and landed the cover of Transworld Skateboarding Photo Annual magazine. I had always dreamed on being on the cover of a magazine let alone one of the biggest skateboard magazines in the world. This was a total dream come true.

I continued to travel and skate everyday for years, entering contests at any opportunity. I always loved skating contests and was lucky enough to do pretty well in several of them.

Nowadays I skate every chance I get and can honestly say, I enjoy it more than ever. Skating with the homies is my favorite and I’m certain I’ll love doing that until my body wont let me!