Team Space Bear - Snow

Name - Jason Gretzinger

Age – 29

Hometown – Edmonton, AB

Current residence - Nelson, BC

Years Riding – 17

Years Sponsored - 9

Sponsors – Freeride Boardshop | Flow | L1 Premium Goods | Populess Clothing | Space Bear

Favorite Terrain – Backcountry Big Mountain most definitely via snowmobile and split-boarding

Stance – Regular | 23’ wide | 15 degrees front | 12 degrees back

Music - Bit of folk and indie | classic oldies | electronic (as half my friends here are DJ’S and Shambhala is part of Nelson culture)

 My Boarding Story – I’ve come from the streets of Edmonton where some of the most popular urban riding comes from. So my beginning started on rails and park as that’s all there was in the prairies. I loved it and did a lot of things on a snowboard that I don’t know if I’d still have the balls to do now. Concrete and steel ain’t no joke. I also found myself loving the world of going as fast as I could and sending park jumps.

I then moved out to Kelowna, BC where I got noticed by the Freeride Boardshop team. They took me in like family and connected all the right dots, got me a handful of sponsors and off I went filming and shooting photos chasing the pro dream. I had a blast searching the frozen battlefield like warriors looking for the next big feature to tame. From street to park and eventually getting a snowmobile then exploring the backcountry.

After 2 seasons in Kelowna I was getting the itch for something bigger. So moved out to Whistler, BC. I was told this is where some of the best riding in the world was and where you needed to be if you wanted to be recognized by the industry. And they were right! One of the most insane jump parks called Black park to some amazing slack country and that’s just in the resort. Load the sled up and from Squamish to Pemberton you have plenty of forest service roads that go for miles. It was heaven. Here was where I connected with the production Nuulife Cinema. These boys were the underdogs in the scene. Running on a shoe string budget. John Swystun and David Craig were the filmers and editors. The blood sweat and tears these boys put into that production is what the core of snowboarding was all about. For about 6 Years I filmed with these guys. Some of the best moments of my riding career was with this crew. Unfortunately just last year they had to call it quits. RIP Nuulife Cinema. Love you guys.

At this time I had already been in Nelson for 2 years now trying to learn the back country terrain. I spent this time gaining sledding skills and avalanche skills. The last year of Nuulife filming I got caught in a size 2.5 slide. I got lucky and was only buried up to the waist. But it was enough to shake me up. I then decided if I wanted to keep going in this back country game I needed to get training. And with Nuulife calling it quits yet still the passion to be out there pushing the limits, I took my AVY 1 course just last season and have a goal to first tail guide at Retallack Cat Skiing then eventually start my own guided Sled/ boarding operation.



WHAT HAPPENED? - Jason Gretzinger from NuuLife Cinema on Vimeo.